35th Annual R.T. Garcia Early Childhood Winter Conference

35th Annual R.T. Garcia Early Childhood Winter Conference includes Eric Litwin, best-selling author of the original four Pete the Cat books, and Dr. Kenneth Wesson, the second keynote speaker, speaks on the subjects of early brain development, design and engineering, STEM and ST2REAM, social-emotional learning and curriculum development.

10 tips to Support Children’s Science Learning

For early learners, it is critical to encourage teachers to engage children in activities that foster curiosity and spark exploration and discovery through science. Science activities provide children with opportunities to develop and practice many different skills including organization, communication, collaboration and perseverance, as well as analytical skills such as inferring, reasoning and problem-solving. Studies have shown that students who begin to develop an interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics during the elementary years often end up in high paying STEM careers.

Social-Emotional Development in Early Childhood

Social-emotional development in early childhood supports the growth of children’s social-emotional competence. This includes their experience, expression, management of emotions, and their ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others. Social-emotional skills developed during early childhood have been shown to make significant contributions to children’s continued academic success. On the other hand, low social-emotional development in early childhood is associated with serious problem behaviors in adolescence and adulthood, which can undermine academic success. This study aims to examine the differences of age, gender, and language in early childhood social-emotional development.