Post COVID – The Potential of Online Learning

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed adult learners and educators across all levels of education to adapt to online learning. The impact has birthed an opportunity to increase service capacity and permanently change how education is delivered. Virtual knowledge has allowed the world of education to maintain continuity amid a global crisis. The forced shift to online education reflects a moment of change and a time to reimagine how education can be delivered.

Social and Emotional Learning Support

Harris County Department of Education prides itself on the training and resources we provide to districts on the emotional side of safety. The Center for Safe and Secure Schools are committed to providing research driven and responsive professional development that aims to make an impact teacher actions to influence student well-being and school safety. With both students and staff having faced some trying times it is important that Harris County Department of Education answers the call of school districts to provide support. Here we are sharing tools from McGraw Hill with downloadable and printable resources.

E&E Team Member Spotlight

In this issue, we would like to recognize Dr. Colina Poullard, the Curriculum Director for Digital Education and Innovation within HCDE’s Teaching and Learning Center. With over 20 years of combined Education and Media experience, Dr. Poullard brings a unique perspective on the impact on COVID-19 and planning for what’s ahead in the digital realm.  We caught up with Dr. Poullard to get her insights.