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For February, we are focused on Educational Equity.

Until we get equality in education, we won’t have an equal society.”       

Sonia Sotomayor

Reconnecting the Disconnected

Eight Million Stories (8MS), a nonprofit high school located at 3015 N MacGregor Way, Houston, Texas, exists to transform the lives of vulnerable youth (14-18 years old.

What’s the Difference Between Educational Equity and Equality?

The education system in the United States is experiencing a period of innovation and evolution. A critical area of focus involves theorizing and implementing innovative research and techniques to leverage educational equity in both public and private sectors of education.

Spotlighting Educational Equity in Preparation of Aspiring Leaders

Attaining educational equity begins by acknowledging that achievement gaps, disparities in services, and limited access to advanced curriculum and instruction do exist. Awareness is simply not enough. Acknowledgement takes it a step further and involves maintaining awareness by reviewing data on a regular basis and acting upon the data to improve learning outcomes for every student. Acting on data is a professional and ethical commitment that often requires the educational leader, whether superintendent, principal, or teacher, to be courageous and communicative.

Alief ISD Approves Equity and Social Justice Policy

In 2018-2019, the Alief ISD School Board created their Core Beliefs and Commitments to fulfill this call to action. One of their first assumptions, “Our actions will be taken through the lens of equity” soon transformed into a district priority: “AISD will work to ensure all district policies and actions are taken through the lens of and based on the principles of equity.”

E&E Team Member Spotlight

A strong advocate for equity in education that strives to impact the delivery of services for HCDE adult learners. Including advocating for the implementation of processes that can reduce obstacles and biases for students seeking to obtain a GED, improve their English, or obtain a training certification. Most importantly, helping minimize challenges and increase positive outcomes for students.

Educator Grant Resources

The Braitmayer Foundation is located in Marion, Massachusetts and currently has five members of the family that direct the activities of the Foundation.

Upcoming Events

Harris County Department of Education- Center for Safe and Secure Schools, is excited to host Pulling Together- Equity Symposium to provide Harris County school districts a rich day of learning by responding to the array of pressing issues of inequity across the region.

The Link Reads

We created a featured section in the Link just for you. Tell us what you are reading and why. Post a picture on Twitter of you and the book that you are reading along with the title, author, and your district and tell us why you chose it! Make sure that you use the hashtag – #TheLinkReads. We will select a lucky person to feature in our monthly blog.


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Upcoming Events:

March 5, 2021 – Pulling Together – Equity Symposium for Harris County school districts

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