Mental Health Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic On Youth

By: Mental Health America of Greater Houston, Center for School Behavioral Health

HCDE provides a myriad of programs and services including School-Based Therapy Services, serving more than 7,000 students each year who struggle with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities and other challenges. Working on school campuses throughout Harris County, HCDE’s team of therapy specialists are highly trained to meet the unique educational challenges faced by these students—and help them achieve. We have been supporting school districts and charter schools in and around Harris County since 1978. We provide leadership in best practices for school-based occupational therapy and physical therapy through our interactive web-based resource TxSpot! The School-based Therapy team also recognizes that the pandemic has had an impact on the students they serve. They, through TxSpot resources, highlighted a flyer from Mental Health America of Greater Houston that covers Mental Health Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Youth. The flyer reflected that… 

“with the closing of schools and the change in schedules and rules for  everyone, COVID-19 has radically shifted how we are operating as a society. With these changes can come a wide range of feelings including anxiety, depression, and anger. MHA’s national office has reported a 12% increase in the first two weeks of March for people screening themselves for clinical anxiety. It’s important that young adults and children feel they have space to talk about what they’re feeling, and that their mental health is treated as a priority.” 

This flyer covers what to expect from children and teens and what you can do to help them. 

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