HCDE Team Member Spotlight

Typically, in this section of “The Link”, we acknowledge a current member of the Education and Enrichment team. However, HCDE recently lost a champion of children’s mental health late this past year. We thought it fitting to recognize someone who spent 27 years at HCDE supporting children’s mental health needs.

Her career dedicated to helping children spanned 40 years. She considered her work her life’s calling. Her particular interest in the health and well-being of children was always at the center of her efforts. She brought that passion to HCDE in 1993, working in the Psychological Services Division. In 2007, she transferred to helping students at the Academic and Behavior campuses.

 “Gloria was a warm and friendly person who always went above and beyond for the children she helped,” recalled Dr. Victor Keys, ABS West Principal. “She was an extraordinary professional and a great resource to everyone. Her calming voice would defuse any situation,” he added. “The kids loved her.”

“She would connect very easily and quickly with new students, even the most difficult or challenging,” said Donna Treviño-Jones, ABS East Principal. “She had a ‘can do’ attitude and approach. She never hesitated to help anyone in need. Ms. Beckham will be sorely missed as she left an indelible imprint on the lives she touched.”

Caroline Beckham shared about her mother, Gloria, “In her time at HCDE, she grew close to many; know that the bonds of friendship and camaraderie created there was a blessing in her life.”

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