10 Traits of Successful School Leaders

10 Traits of Successful School Leaders by Joseph Lathan, PhD, Academic Director, Master of Education, University of San Diego

Since 1964, HCDE has supported educational leaders within and beyond the 25 school districts in Harrs County, Texas by providing professional development through its now Teaching and Learning Center. With HCDE support, the Teaching and Learning Center brings nationally recognized speakers to our educational communities. This is accomplished through conferences, institutes, workshops and a speaker series.

“Educational leaders play a pivotal role in affecting the climate, attitude and reputation of their schools. They are the cornerstone on which learning communities function and grow. With successful school leadership, schools become effective incubators of learning, places where students are not only educated but challenged, nurtured and encouraged.”

“On the other hand, poor or absent school leadership can undermine the goals of an educational system.” When schools lack a strong foundation and direction, learning is compromised, and students suffer. According to a Wallace Foundation study, “Leadership is second only to classroom instruction as an influence on student learning.”

“But what makes a successful school leader? How do you become truly effective as a principal or in a leadership position? While there is no one solution to successful school leadership, there are certain strategies, skills, traits and beliefs that many of the most effective school leaders share.”

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