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A Message from Teague Middle School Lead Counselor:

The Teague Middle School Counseling Department began the work of mindfulness and restorative circles after attending a 4-day training with Cierra Nickerson this past summer. We were inspired to begin this work with our staff and students at Teague Middle School for the upcoming school year due to the staff and student morale at our school, the interaction between students and the newly added stress as a result of the pandemic.

Our first circle was conducted when our teachers returned, and they were thankful that we did it! Because of the positive feedback we received from staff, we currently meet with our core subjects every Friday in an effort to continue to build the sense of community and increase staff morale. We are seeing the change with teams slowly but surely and with the increased communication with one another, a better understanding and outlook of their team members and the team mentality.

 Allison Cormier-Russ

Teague Middle School, Aldine ISD

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