Industry-Based Certification Resources

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) engaged with members of the workforce to assist in identifying industry-based certifications (IBCs) that are recognized and valued by industry sectors. Over 1,000 unique certifications were recommended by stakeholders to be included in the industry-based certification review process. The recommendations were vetted according to the established criteria. The IBC_Evaluation_Criteria_Final_2019 defines the criteria used for the 2019-2022 Industry-Based Certification List for Public School Accountability.

Harris County Department of Education Adult Education “Contact to Careers”

Education is critical for breaking the poverty cycle and its importance is reflected within the American economic structure. One in five adults in Houston are considered functionally illiterate, 14 out of 20 are unable to manage daily activities and employment tasks that require reading skills beyond a basic level in any language. HCDE Adult Education provides access to free or low- cost adult literacy and workforce programs which enables participants to learn skills that influence their health and well-being. Without access to affordable adult education programming, many individuals and families are subject to becoming a statistic.

E&E Team Member Spotlight

Denise Johnson is a graduate of Grambling State University and a member of Delta Sigma Theta. She was blessed to meet and marry Dexter Johnson, and together they have Avery Johnson, Denise’s most significant accomplishment. Early in her career, she worked at International Business Machines (IBM) as a software engineer and project manager. She has over 27 years of experience in technology, project management, training, and education.

Stretch Your Dollar with Educator Discounts

Each month the Link will highlight a business where educators can stretch their dollars. In honor of our everyday heroes. Thank you for supporting our families and communities. Now it’s our turn to protect you. To show our appreciation, Ring is proud to offer an exclusive 20% discount on select purchases to military, veterans, first responders, students, and teachers.