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All teachers–including career and technical education (CTE) teachers–play a vital role in building a thriving PLC. In this practical resource, the authors explicitly outline how to improve teaching and learning by integrating PLC best practices into CTE programs. Teams of CTE educators will learn how to clarify their purpose, discover their common denominators, and incorporate powerful collaborative processes into their daily work.

Use this resource to learn the vital strategies necessary for building and improving teams:

  • Become familiar with the common issues that prevent CTE educators from engaging in the collaborative PLC process.
  • Learn why and how the PLC process benefits both CTE educators and students.
  • Learn how CTE educators can create collaborative programs that are tailored toward CTE fields of study.
  • Receive professional guidance and concrete, achievable teaching strategies for creating an effective PLC process.
  • Access a checklist of crucial action steps for career tech teams at the end of each chapter

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