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ALOHA OHANA! – From Hawaii to Houston 

Team Member: Linda Feholo

Linda Fehoko is the new Director for the HCDE’s Adult Education Programs. A native of Hawaii, she is married with four sons and has been an educator for the past 30 years with 15 years, extensively in adult education. A graduate of Brigham Young University and the University of Phoenix, Linda brings a plethora of experiences in adult education, that includes the establishment of her academy for at-risk and adult learners in Hawaii and Lubbock, Texas, as well as her in-depth knowledge of several adult education initiatives including the WIOA Act, Career Pathway, ABE and ESL. These experiences and knowledge will provide HCDE’s AEL program an exciting array of opportunities for the adult learner’s higher education preparatory knowledge and placement in the evolving workforce.

Linda’s passion is to serve others, devoting her work fulltime to adult learners that need a second chance in achieving their high school diplomas, securing employment in the workforce, initiating small business start-ups, or merely advancing to higher education. 

Some notable achievements are:

  • Founding member of the EDEE Academy for at-risk learners, Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Hosting and presenting at the SXSW on Entrepreneurship for Adult Learners in Austin
  • Authoring the Adult Education Entrepreneurship Curriculum – Texas, California, Hawaii 
  • Organizing food drives, back to school projects, SAT/ACT/TESOL workshops and camps
  • Securing partnership with the NFLPA for the youth initiative leadership program (West Coast)
  • Sending four sons to Division 1 on Football Scholarships

Linda’s mantra of EDEE (Embrace Diversity, Empower Education), sits well as a continuum genius in her soul, that amplifies her personal vision of “Ohana”, which will be applicable to the Harris County Department of Education.  Presently, Linda is a member of the TALAE Board (Texas), CCSA Board and the West Texas Youth Initiative Board WFS. She is a member of the Worldwide Goodwill Ambassador Program and loves to dance the hula!

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