The Effective Schools Framework

HCDE’s Education and Enrichment team held their strategic planning retreat this past October 2020. Prior to and during the retreat, the team identified and reviewed targeted evidence-based research and proven strategies to drive their planning. This framework was one of the tools the team used as a protocol to influence practice. 

According to the Texas Education Agency, “at the core of effective schools is effective instruction: interactions between students, teachers, and content determine learning outcomes. This instructional core is strengthened and supported by effective, well-supported teachers, high-quality curriculum, and positive school culture. Strong school leadership and careful planning encompass and ensure each of these levers.”

The Effective Schools Framework consists of a set of district commitments and, for schools, essential actions. District Commitments describe what local education agencies do to ensure that schools are set up for success. The Essential Actions describe what the most effective schools do to support powerful teaching and learning.


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