E&E Team Member Spotlight

Advocate for Education Equity 

Team Member: Claudia Magallan 

A strong advocate for equity in education that strives to impact the delivery of services for HCDE adult learners. Including advocating for the implementation of processes that can reduce obstacles and biases for students seeking to obtain a GED, improve their English, or obtain a training certification. Most importantly, helping minimize challenges and increase positive outcomes for students. 

For equity in education to work, we must continue to focus on student-centered missions driven by data and students’ voices. Doing this includes being flexible and innovative to implement strategies that can help students access our services and remain engaged. 

By doing so as leaders, we can impact equity in education for our adult learners. We can make an impact, and they can succeed and achieve new skills regardless of ethnicity or family background. We are ultimately impacting their daily lives, family, and the generations that follow.

Claudia Magallan, MPA | LinkedIn

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