Meet Cierra Nickerson

Check out these resources from HCDE’s own Cierra Nickerson Climate and Culture Specialist for the Center for Safe and Secure Schools. If you are interested in attending a workshop or having her work directly with your district or campus contact her at or 713 696-8261.

Workshops currently offered:
Little Bits of Mindfulness

This is a crash course for educators interested in learning the basics of mindfulness. This 1-hour workshop will provide participants will the fundamentals of mindfulness, meditation, self-awareness, and various active mindfulness exercises to promote a healthy well-being. This is a great course for counselors, specialists, or any educator looking to learn more about the practice of mindfulness and strategies to support staff and students.

Connections Before Content
This 2-hour training engages participants in building strategies to establish community in the classroom (virtually or face to face). Course participants will establish and enhance connections through engaging student activities. In addition, course participants will explore relevant data, examine and analyze a theoretical approach to traditional discipline practices and behaviors, and acquire methods to create welcoming rituals and routines in their classroom practices for engagement throughout the day.

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